St. Maarten Academy keeps student away with strict ten-point contract

POSTED: 09/19/13 12:20 PM
Attorney Cor Merx. Photo Today / Leo Brown

Attorney Cor Merx. Photo Today / Leo Brown

Mother: “I won’t sign it; this is nonsense”

St. Maarten – A student who was allegedly involved in a fight at the St. Maarten Academy and who was initially expelled from school, has been offered what the school calls a second chance: a ten-point contract he will have to follow to the letter under threat of future expulsion.

The student in question, Anderson Arrindell, and his mother, Myroegia Leverock, contacted attorney Cor Merx about this matter. The student claims he was not involved in a fight but that he attempted to separate two fighting students.

Three reports from the school describe the incident. On two of them, signed by school manager Solange Duncan, it states “beating another student; student ended up in hospital.” Both reports punish Arrindell with 3 days suspension. The third report however, dated September 16 and signed by Roberto C. Arrindell as the representative of Fave, the Foundation for Academic and Vocational Education, states in a handwritten remark “he was not involved in the fight.”

The next day the school sent a letter to the student’s mother, announcing that it had “decided not to expel Anderson Alex Arrindell.” Attorney Merx is furious about this letter, saying that the education inspectorate had strongly advised the school not to expel the boy.

The letter states that the Fave-board initially decided to expel the student and that it later retracted the decision, “based on recommendations from the Ministry of Education.”

But the school board presented a contract with strict rules to the student as a condition for his return to school. The conditions are ridiculous, Merx says. He decided to take the case to the media, because a court case would be too costly for the family.

The ten commandments Anderson Arrindell would have to live by according to the contract begin with obligation “to follow all school rules and behavior expectations.” The student is also not allowed to use alcohol or drugs, skip classes or arrive late for class, or bring any electronic devices to school. Furthermore he is expected to be respectful to the management team, teachers’ staff, auxiliary staff, security guards, “myself” (probably Roberto Arrindell – ed.) and peers. The contract orders the student to always be dressed in the appropriate school uniform, to follow “instructions given to me by any authority of the school”, not bully any student “for money or for any other reasons”, not to get involved in fights and to attend all counseling sessions.

The only thing missing is a ban on bringing weapons to school.

The contract ends with two options, of which the first one feel grammatically challenged: “Rewards if goals are met: you will secure your completion at PSVE” The other option reads: “If goals are not met: expulsion.”

The student’s mother, Myroegia Leverock, told this newspaper last night that she has no intention whatsoever to sign the contract Roberto Arrindell presented to her yesterday morning. “It is nonsense,” she said, adding that none of the kids that were involved in the fight have been interrogated, while her son’s only part was that he attempted to separate the fighters. For now, Anderson Arrindell stays at home until a better solution comes into view.


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  1. viper says:

    I do agree disgusting parents like this, is causing the sickening degradation of society. base on the article, what are the draconian rules the school requires ? I only see request to better the young man, and hopefully prevent disobedience. again disgusting mother

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