Opinion: A lady in distress (2)

POSTED: 09/17/13 2:29 PM

As we reported yesterday, Zariya Koury, a lady who claims to be stuck in Syria with a box stuffed with $6.2 million, approached us to help her. Just for the heck of it we sent her an email asking the young lady to send us some pictures – which she did within twenty minutes.

Anyway, after we provided a name and a phone number, she asked for a copy of our ID. We found a copy of an old passport and sent it to her, just to see where all this is taking us. The answers were coming a bit slower now, but on Sunday just after midnight which is actually Monday morning) we received another reply.

This time to thank us for sending the ID-information. “I am very glad to hear you are a family man married for so long. That means you are a very responsible man indeed. God is with you.”

That last remark made us wonder what the heck happened to Allah, but anyway. Zariya wrote she was already making arrangements to come with her kids to St. Maarten – so immigration better be on high alert.

Zariya wrote that she was also busy making the arrangement to fly that box filled with millions of dollars to the Caribbean. Oh, the good lady is in a camp “between Syria and Lebanon” but she has Wi-Fi and – handy in these cases – “a little computer my late husband bought for me.” Email contact is a breeze even when Assad’s poison gas is drifting across the Syrian landscape.

Yesterday morning, bright an early Zariya sent us another email announcing that the “cargo” will leave from Syria on Tuesday (today) at 12 noon on its way to London and then on to “the Dominican Republic/Haiti.”

Here it becomes interesting: “Are these countries close to you? Can you go and meet him there?”

“Him” is a man named Aldei Alphonse Marcotte, according to Zariya “a Canadian citizen.” This Marcotte would arrange a meeting with us for the delivery of Zariya’s box. Marcotte is unaware of the box’s content and it is protected with a security code. But no worries, as soon as Marcotte hands it over to us, we will get the code, or so Zariya wrote in her email.

Interesting, non?

Of course we had to write back to Zariya that, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to travel to either the Dominican Republic or Haiti and that we prefer Mr. Marcotte to deliver his box in St. Maarten.

To be continued.

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