Editorial: Self-regulation

POSTED: 08/29/13 12:53 PM

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams prefers that the media engage in self-regulation. Here is a news flash: at Today we have regulated ourselves already. We respect the code of conduct the International Federation of Journalists established in 1954 in Geneva. That’s it.
To waste energy on a media association that would mainly be tasked with telling others how to behave is not exactly our style. We have our own standards to uphold and we are not interested in supervising our brethren. We certainly will not engage in educating local bloggers.
We value freedom of expression and we acknowledge that this freedom is not absolute. Writers who do not understand this are fubar.
Anyone who ventures beyond press freedom’s limits may find him or herself sooner or later in a courtroom where a judge will decide what is what.
In other words: the mechanisms to call practitioners of yellow journalism to order are already in place.

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