Editorial: Stumbling blocks

POSTED: 07/30/13 11:15 AM

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams call for continued economic growth may have raised some eyebrows in the private sector – the place where that growth has to manifest itself.

Seldom have we heard members of parliament say anything positive about the companies that drive the local economy. On the contrary, they routinely depict them as the evil force that exploits poor employees with abusive short-term contracts.

Still, if the government wants to see economic growth it will have to create the conditions that enable the private sector to flourish. As long as the cabinet stubbornly hangs on to restrictive labor policies that simply hamper the growth it so badly wants to see the numbers will remain lackluster.

Economic growth is certainly not a government-achievement. On the contrary, the private sector has realized that growth in spite of the rules and regulations and the strangling bureaucracy entrepreneurs experience as stumbling blocks on a daily basis.

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