Marcel Loor-arrest remains a mystery

POSTED: 07/26/13 11:44 AM

Marcel LoorSt. Maarten – A week after his reported arrest at the airport of Orly in Paris there still is no official report about the status of the former head of the immigration department Marcel Loor.

Information from the Dutch embassy in Paris suggests that it could take another two weeks before information becomes available. The circumstances of the arrest and the potential charges against Loor therefore remain a mystery.

Loor traveled last week Wednesday from St. Maarten to Paris and he was scheduled to return home this week. The prosecutor’s office in Philipsburg confirmed the arrest, but its information stems from an off-hand remark by a member of the French-side law enforcement during a meeting.

The prosecutor’s office has no information about the case, also because it falls outside of its jurisdiction.

“If you suspect that a relative has been arrested in France you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague,” the embassy states on its website with a reference to the appropriate directorate and a phone number.

“French authorities usually inform the Dutch embassy about the arrest of Dutch citizens; in principle, this is done with the consent of the one who is arrested.”

The embassy furthermore points out that, based on privacy legislation, it has no authority to give information about the location or the charges without the permission of the detainee.

“As soon as the embassy in Paris has been able to figure out where the detainee is, he will be asked if he wants to indicate which one of his family members will be his contact person. Only the designated contact person will receive information about the detainee.”

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