Remarks MP Richardson about VDSM anger PM

POSTED: 07/18/13 12:08 PM

St. Maarten – Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams  reacted at the weekly press briefing with barely contained anger to statements made in local media by independent MP Frans Richardson who called for her resignation over the investigation at the National Security Service VDSM and suggested that there had been “a breach of security.”

“I think it is quite unfortunate – and I measure my words here out of respect for the position of Members of Parliament – that in this context terms and words have been used like “breach of security. That is absolutely incorrect and misleading. And then to continue with references to the Snowden-case is quite unfortunate.”

The Prime Minister said she expects “that Members of Parliament would understand that you keep certain matters out of the political realm. There is a process to be followed regarding reporting and informing the parliament about the National Security Service. The oversight committee has an important role to play in this.”

Wescot-Williams said that parliament could ask “at any time for a minister to come and give explanations and account on any matter,” but that there is a level of carefulness that will be used towards the parliament. “I expect that they understand and respect that.”

“I consider it really unfortunate that such a situation would be taken totally out of context. This Member of Parliament (Richardson – ed.) can call for my resignation as often as he cares to. This is purely political. It is quite unfortunate that this particular item is being used in this fashion. Who ever used the term breach of security?”

The PM referred to an article in the Telegraaf that had mentioned “hanky-panky with money that pertained to the DEA at our national security.”

“When we drop words and make accusations we should realize that there is a world outside of St. Maarten that is looking at us. We’d better be very cognizant of that fact.”

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Remarks MP Richardson about VDSM anger PM by
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