Sneek accuses Merkman of racism in Statia

POSTED: 07/8/13 12:24 PM

STATIA –Ouster Commissioner Koos Sneek accused his nemesis Rueben Merkman in a 12-page letter of outright racism. Outlining the procedure that led to an application by Paula Uil to a position at the personnel department, Sneek wrote that Merkman identified the candidate as “the white lady” in a number of emails and on Facebook.

The application for the position was part of a drive to fill twelve vacancies in Statia’s civil service. Sneek wrote that the government received 90 applications but that there was not a single candidate for the job at the personnel department. The acting island secretary approached Paula Uil – wife of the island secretary – for the position.

Koos Sneek

Ousted Commissioner Koos Sneek.

Sneek charges that Merkman made it look like Uil was going to fill a position that could have been taken by a local. “Mind you: nobody else applied,” he wrote.

“Ultimately the lady in question has withdrawn her application as she felt very uncomfortable playing a role in the petty and discriminating political game of a councilman who in my view does not deserve this tile. It makes me sick to the stomach,” Sneek wrote.

The attempt to hire Paula Uil was the breaking point Merkman wrote in a letter to the Island Council wherein he announces that he withdraws his support for Sneek. Appointing Uil is “taking away employment opportunities for local stations,” Merkman wrote.

Sneek has a different opinion: “The fact that for his own shortsighted political use he deemed it necessary to draw someone in the midst of his political game bothers me a lot more than what is going to happen to me,” the ousted commissioner added. “Furthermore I want to state that selecting anyone based on the color of her skin is called racism. We are familiar with this attitude expressed by councilman Brown. I am very disappointed that also my once-party leader is displaying this despicable behavior.”

Sneek adds that Merkman also has others in his crosshairs.”People from Spanish background should also leave the so-called locals go first. He furthermore points out that many white voters gave their vote to Merkman. “At least now they know who the real Rueben Merkman is. I am very upset that racial matters apparently have become an issue on Statia. I have not experienced this in the 26 years I am living on this island. It is even more disturbing that these racial matters are allowed to play a role on television in these so-called call-in programs and in this government and that they are promoted in the island council.”



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