Still no successor found for Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos

POSTED: 05/31/13 12:32 PM

St. Maarten – Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos returns per August 1 to the Netherlands but up to now the Prosecutor’s Office has not found a successor. Attorney General Dick Piar and Solicitor-General Taco Stein traveled to the Netherlands last week where they talked to several candidates, but no agreements were reached.

“There is still some “meat on the bone” in the sense that one of the candidates might take the step but that depends in part on the candidate,”  Mos told this newspaper yesterday.

The chief prosecutor said that nobody has applied for his function or for the function of senior prosecutor.

“I will be working close to my departure date towards the end of July. My main focus will be on writing a transfer document for my successor. I have no control over this situation but it is not pleasant for the organization or for my colleagues if it turns out that I am no longer here to transfer the function to my successor in person.”

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