Dutch MP Bosman doubts integrity of UP party leader Theo Heyliger and MP Romain Laville

POSTED: 05/31/13 12:37 PM

St. Maarten / THE HAGUE – VVD-MP André Bosman questions the integrity of United Peoples party-leader Theo Heyliger and that of the vice chairman of parliament and candidate for the post of Minister of Economic affairs, Independent MP Romain Laville. This appears from questions Bosman has submitted to Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk earlier this week.

Bosman asks the minister whether he shares his opinion that “after all the commotion surrounding the recently stepped down Justice Minister Duncan keen attention has to be paid to the screening of the new team of ministers and that this is in the interest of the international image of St. Maarten and the Kingdom.”

Bosman mentions a series of incidents to support his concerns about the political situation in St. Maarten. He refers in his questions to statements made by Laville that UP-leader Heyliger offered him $350,000 to return to the party and to the fact that Laville is suspected of “firearm possession and making threats.”

“Do you have confidence in this candidate minister” Bosman asked Plasterk. He also wants to know if the minister is familiar with the fact that Laville filed a criminal complaint for attempted bribery against Heyliger.

Bosman furthermore asks about the status of the investigation into vote-buying ahead of the 2010 elections. “Are you aware that the investigation by the national detective agency has not started yet?” the MP asked.

Bosman also asked Plasterk whether he has confidence in the screening process of candidate ministers. “Are you able to indicate whether the Netherlands will assist with this process? If not, why not?” Bosman asked.

The MP also points out in his questions that an investigation – like the one into vote-buying – ought to be completed within a reasonable period of time given the current situation.


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Dutch MP Bosman doubts integrity of UP party leader Theo Heyliger and MP Romain Laville by

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