St. Maarten Prime Minister Wescot-Williams strikes back at William Marlin “Eureka, I have discovered the sinister plot of the Prime Minister”

POSTED: 05/29/13 12:16 PM

St. Maarten – Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams had her response ready on Monday while Vice PM William Marlin’s press conference about the so-called hidden letter from the governor was still in process. But later that same evening, after press time, the PM sent out another ‘ukase’ in which she took Marlin to task. As a testament to the current political sentiment, we publish it here unabridged.

“I am surely not being sarcastic when I state that I tip my hat off to Deputy PM Marlin. That he could take a non-issue and turn it into a frenzy deserves that.

Let’s us play along with Marlin’s game for a moment.

“Eureka, I have discovered the sinister plot of the Prime Minister.”

What is the plot, Minister Marlin?

I discovered on May 24th that there is a letter written by the Governor of St. Maarten on May 16th to the Prime Minister advising her that the right to dissolve Parliament is one granted to the Council of Ministers by the constitution.

But wait. The Prime Minister agrees with that. She herself has stated such.

Oh, but the letter of the Governor also states that in the Council of Ministers, the majority must be respected.

But the Prime Minister does not disagree with that either. She has also stated that, but also stated that it will be done on the basis of the rules of order and the Prime Minister’s responsibility for such.

On May, 10th, the PM informed the Governor what had transpired in the council’s meeting of May 7th. That is the letter the Governor responded to. The PM had copied her letter to the Council of Ministers by cc’ing the council.

When the Governor wrote back to the prime minister on May 16th, he did the same thing, copied it to the Council of Ministers, by cc’ing the letter to the Council.

You can check that in his letter, which went viral.

On May 24th, Marlin said he had not seen the letter. He indirectly asked the PM to forward him a copy. The PM replied, “Sure, I’ll take my copy, blank out my comments which I wrote on MY LETTER and send him a copy.”

Marlin, convinced he had found the “smoking gun”, proceeded to ask the Governor for a copy of the letter, which he received, because after all, the letter was cc’d to the Council of Ministers.

As a member of the Council, Marlin was entitled to a copy, right?

Marlin hardly had the letter in his hand before it went viral, in other words, it was on the net, not quoted, but the entire letter itself.

Marlin triumphantly informed the NA membership the following day: “I got her.”

Wow, a master plot unveiled. “The Prime Minister hid a letter he had to get.”

Wrong, Mr. Marlin.

My assessment? Marlin wants to read the contentious letter as instructions by the Governor to dissolve Parliament. Wrong, Mister Marlin. The Governor cannot instruct that.

Marlin is sorry that he tendered his resignation. Maybe he can use the letter to rescind the resignations? Wrong again, Mr. Marlin.

Sorry, but the Prime Minister refuses to play along with the childish games.

Democracy will always prevail over trickery.”


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St. Maarten Prime Minister Wescot-Williams strikes back at William Marlin "Eureka, I have discovered the sinister plot of the Prime Minister" by

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