Dutch MP Bosman questions St. Maarten minister’s integrity

POSTED: 05/27/13 1:58 PM

andre_bosmanSt. Maarten/THE HAGUE – Now that the candidates for the new ministry of St. Maarten are announced, Member of Parliament of the Second Chamber in The Hague André Bosman (VVD) immediately asked questions to Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk about the integrity of some of the candidates, Jean Mentes writes on Caribbisch Netwerk.

The new cabinet will have the support of the United People’s Party (UP), Democratic Party (DP) and Independent Member of Parliament, Romaine Laville.

Laville is said to be the next Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunication. Mentes wrote in his article that several weeks ago, Laville stated that he was offered an amount of $350,000 by the ‘ol boys’ for his return to the UP party. Laville also is suspected of alleged gun possession and placing threats.

Investigation done by the Landsrecherche to the attempted bribery hasn’t come off the ground as yet.

Bosman now wants to know if the screening of the new members of cabinet will be carried out thoroughly.

He also asked Minister Plasterk if there are enough reasons to doubt the integrity of UP leader Theo Heyliger, given the allegations of bribery against him. Mentes said that if Laville becomes minister of tourism, Heyliger has the opportunity to become Member of Parliament again.

Heyliger’s former assistant Maurice Lake, is named for the position of Vromi, Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure.

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