No reaction to information request about St. Maarten sex clubs

POSTED: 05/13/13 11:45 AM

St. Maarten – So far the government has not reacted to a request by this newspaper for information about local brothels and strip clubs. Under the national ordinance on public administration, Today asked the government on April 18 to indicate which of the twelve known permit holders have a license to operate as a brothel and which companies have a license for a strip club. Based on the ordinance, the government has to reply to the request within three weeks. The deadline expired last week Thursday.

There are twelve known companies active in the sex industry: Blue Sky Hotel NV, Casa Blanca (St. Maarten) NV, Hypnotic Hotel & Entertainment NV, Lucky Shot NV, Lunteren NV, Pemol Enterprises NV, Richbenzwan NV, Showtime NV, St. Maarten Angel Hotel Enterprises NV, Sunset Retreat NV, The Greek Corporation NV and Wonderful World of Entertainment NV.
Some of these companies have a license to operate a strip club, while others are allowed to operate as a full-fledged brothel.
Today wants to know which of the twelve companies holds a license to operate a “sex-company” – government lingo for brothel – which companies have a license to operate as a strip club. Our paper also wants to know when all these licenses were issued, who approved them and until when they are valid.

The national ordinance on public administration (landsverordening openbaarheid van bestuur) stipulates that the government has to answer to requests within three weeks. It could however ask once for an extension of three weeks, but this must be reported to the party that filed the information request. Today did not receive any notice that the government needs more time to answer the questions.

Based on information this newspaper has already gathered, Blue Sky Hotel N.V. is a company owned by James Carti. Casa Blanca St. Maarten N.V. exploits the Casa Blanca brothel in Oyster Pond. Hypnotic Hotel and Entertainment N.V. is a company managed by companies linked to the outgoing Justice Minister Roland Duncan: it currently manages the Seaman’s Club in Sucker Garden for Richbenzwan NV that holds the license for this brothel.
Lunteren NV is a company of Jaap van den Heuvel; it operates Bada Bing in Simpson Bay. The managing director of Pemol Enterprises is Dirk Molanus, brother of former Public Health Minister Maria Buncamper-Molanus. This company once managed the Seaman’s Club.
Sunset Retreat operates the Border Bar brothel in Oyster Pond. Its owner Angel Priest is currently serving a prison sentence for amongst others human trafficking.
The Greek Corporation is a company of Toochie Meyers, husband of UP-MP Sylvia Meyers-Olivacce. Under this company falls Le Petit Chateau on Pond Island. Meyers is also involved with Defiance Haven and El Capitan.
Wonderful World of Entertainment, under the management of Dede Cohen, operates the Platinum Room.

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