Arthur Lugisse attends International Day in Tallahassee

POSTED: 05/3/13 12:38 PM

Arthur Lugisse

Arthur Lugisse

St. Maarten – April 1 until 3 was International Day in Tallahassee Florida which was attended by Arthur Lugisse, Director of the Tallahassee-St. Maarten Foundation Inc. and St. Maarten Government Liaison in Florida for Trade-Tourism Economic Development, Infrastructure and Social Development.

His report indicates the opportunity for local businesses to be able to set up joint ventures with Florida companies and also options for financing for local businesses to get goods and services out of Florida.

Florida-origin exports in 2012 were $66.4 billion. International business makes up 18 percent of Florida’s economy.

Frank Ryll, the Director Outreach for the Florida Chamber’s International Business Council, says Latin American markets continue to grow and with completion of the Panama Canal expansion set for 2015, international business is set to become an even larger part of Florida’s economy.

Minister Romeo Pantophlet and the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce will have an informative meeting for local businesses soon, and Lugisse is calling on the business sector to pay attention for the information when and where it will be held.

“There will be opportunities for food and beverage supply, green houses, heavy equipment, building materials, freight options, St. Maarten air ambulance, shoes, clothes, appliance, technology, solar lighting, new and used vehicles, road construction equipment, opportunity for manufacturing and packaging out of St. Maarten,” Lugisse pointed out.

Jerry Gilpin for agriculture and food supplies, Floridian Companies will be coming to St. Maarten on a trade mission within short. Florida being one of the main export cities in America and its close proximity to St. Maarten makes a lot of sense to pursue this initiative.

International business impacts many Florida industries and communities. Currently more than 58,000 Florida businesses, 96 percent of which are small or medium sized, export products and services; Florida exported more than $4 billion of agricultural commodities in 2012; international companies employ more than 223,500 Floridians, and Florida has more companies that export more than any other state besides California.

At the event that Lugisse attended, he met with the Ambassador to Brazil Mauro Vieira, the Florida Chamber President, Steve Fancher, President and CEO of FEFC, Manny Mencia, Ken Detzner, Secretary of State, and Governor of Florida Rick Scott.

“The consensus at the International Days event was tremendous. All principals and members were very much up beat on Florida being the export city of America. International trade was the main focus. I am currently working on a trade mission to and from Florida for the near future,” Lugisse added.

The Executive Director of the St. Maarten Chamber Claret Corner recently welcomed and gave a tour to one of Florida Chamber of Commerce executives Leslie Snyder with two other Tallahasseeians who had many pleasant things to report about St. Maarten and its hospitality.

Arthur Lugisse said it’s also an opportunity for the St. Maarten Chamber to be affiliated with the Florida Chamber who has been planning many international trips with other countries and St. Maarten can be part of this effort. If business thrives then these can offer better prices to our Community, St. Maarten will also be business friendly and become a distribution center to the rest of the Caribbean.

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