OCI: King will have new military status

POSTED: 04/25/13 11:51 AM

St. Maarten – With the abdication of Queen Beatrix and the succession to the throne of the Prince of Orange less than a week away, the King will have a new military status.

In the process of creating awareness about the role of members of the Royal Family, the St. Maarten Organizing Committee Inauguration (OCI) has been highlighting the changes that will take place.

The OCI committee is of the opinion that residents of the country that is an integral part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and also plays a legal role in the process of the abdication of the Queen and the inauguration of the King, should be aware and informed of the different changes that take place during this process.

With the forthcoming assumption of the position of Head of State,  Prince Willem-Alexander is to relinquish his active military status.

Before this investiture as King of the Netherlands, he will at his request be granted an honorable discharge.

On April 30 the Royal Netherlands Navy Ship Friesland will be in the Great Bay Harbour to give a 101 Canon Salute which will begin at 8 a.m. with 33 cannon salutes and then again at 12 p.m. with 35 cannon salutes and at 4 p.m. with 33 cannon salutes.

The general public is advised not to be alarmed by the cannon sounds and to come out around those times to experience these events.

Currently Prince Willem-Alexander holds the rank of Commodore in the Royal Netherlands navy and corresponding general officer ranks in the other Armed Services.

However, as head of state and a member of Government, the King can no longer hold an active military position within the Armed Forces.

For more information about the Royal Family, you can visit the Government website and download the inauguration booklet.  The link is: www.sintmaartengov.org/government/specialcampaigns/pages/default.aspx



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