Tears for Gordon when crowned Miss Mature 2013

POSTED: 04/24/13 10:23 AM

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With mouth agape and still in a state of shock, Paula Gordon stood riveted to one spot as the crown was being placed on her head by the outgoing Queen, Sharon Layne. Milton Pieters Photo

St. Maarten – When I say Paula, you say Gordon, Paula- Gordon, was the chant that filled the Carnival Village at last night Miss Mature 2013 pageant. And so did the results as she walked away with the winning prize of a spanking new Hyundai I 20, motor vehicle. Screams and cheers deafened the village when her name was called, a feat many predicted from the word go. Her daughter which was one of the night’s biggest cheerleaders could not hold back the tears as she watched her mom’s crowning moment. “I am so proud of my mom, all I can do at this moment is cry, she deserved it and I love her so much,” she said.

Gordon who also won Miss Photogenic, Miss Popularity and best Carnival Costume was a front runner the minute the show kicked off. While every contestant had there posse who cheered and screamed as they took the stage, Gordon’s fans came out in their numbers and drowned everyone else.

The opening segment was spectacular, as all the contestants dressed in pink camouflage outfits, a tribute to breast cancer, marched on stage to the instructions of their drill Sargent. As the eleven contestants took their salutes they smiled, waved and danced for their fans, to the sweet sounds of soca music the tempo was right for the beginning of a great show.

Up next was the dance category. Contestant number one Miss Hillianthe Boasman gave a tribute to the Salt Pond in a costume that looked like a human sized chandelier. She set the bar high with a beautiful depiction of the once historic and vibrant Salt Pond. Miss Kelly Busby was next and gave tribute to the fallen legend Whitney Houston with her rendition of ‘I run to you.’  With an old lady impersonation doing some poetry, Shadira David (No. 3) got some laughs from the crowd. Mireay Ostiana- Wijman moved many to tears as she paid tribute to her ill husband who suffered a stroke in 2011. Accompanied by a local saxophonist player, she did a love poem in all red symbolizing their love after 29 years of marriage. Davia Bailey- Wilson sung calypso dedicated to saving the children. Another song came from Miss Coline Henson- Mitchell while Kimberly Duzong came strumming her guitar rapping a line or two and even beating a well-rehearsed drum set, giving a good account of herself. A medley came from Gensis Romney as she did a poem and played popular calypso “Bachannalist” on the steelpan. But it was contestant 10, Lavinia Marsham who brought the house down. With a Tina Turner rendition of ‘Rolling’ dressed in a sexy strap and gold shimmer dress with blond wig, she did Tina well. The crowd could not get enough of her, giving her the suiting title of Best talent. She had the most electrifying entertaining, show stopping performance of the night.

Plumes, beads, recycled materials and an array of bright colours flooded the stage as the women paraded in their Carnival costumes. Miss Popularity Paula Gordon again copped this title as she had the biggest and the brightest costume, a lovely combination of greens and blue. The business wear segment was won by contestant number Hillianthe Boasman who came in a space shuttle as she was an astronaut who just landed on space; this was a very creative display. There were police suits, flight attendants; biker chic’s just to name a few, which all lead to the final section Evening Wear.

While all contestants had beautiful evening gowns, once more the judges’ eyes were on Boasman as she took another title for the night. As if red was the colour of the night, she wore a red gown with intricate coloured beading on the waist and matching necklace and hand band, she also copped best evening gown. But there was still one more title for her as she also won Miss Amity, a title chosen by the contestants themselves.

This took the show well into the wee hours off the morning causing some complaints by the crowd of how long the show went on for. But others vowed not to move until the results were read and then came the moment of truth. The results were as follows: 3rd Runner up Hillianthe Boasman, 2nd Runner Up- Shadira Davis, 1st Runner Up- Lavinia Marsham and the winner Miss Paula Gordon Miss Mature 2013.

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