Editorial: Proper compensation

POSTED: 02/27/13 2:03 PM

The story about the departure of PSS managing director Denicio Richardson obviously stinks to high heaven and Members of Parliament have picked upon this.

They demand proper compensation for a young St. Maartener who was placed in an impossible situation and who did what he had to do to enable the company to provide the services the community expected from it.

It also seems that proper procedures were not followed when the supervisory board suspended him and this has led MPs to point out that the supervisory board is responsible for the mess at the post office.

A minor point seems to be the perceived daylight robbery by Nieuwe Post: according to shareholder representative Wescot-Williams NPNA simply took what PSS did not want to keep.

The most proper compensation for Denicio Richardson would obviously be a reappointment. That would be a grand gesture, but the question is of course whether the candidate is in the mood for a new adventure at his old post.

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