System near MAC-school effective today – New parking designed to alleviate traffic woes

POSTED: 02/25/13 12:21 PM

St. Maarten – In an attempt to alleviate the extremely heavy traffic flow on the road leading to and from the Methodist Agogic School in Betty’s Estate, a new area has been reserved for school busses and parents to park as of today.

With so many schools situated in one area, the severity of the traffic situation has been on the increase over the years and at the start of every school term, that situation became more pronounced as parents seek the quickest place to park while taking their kids to their respective classrooms.

Thanks to the full corporation of the residents in the immediate area and the owners of the plot of land just before the gas station on the LB Scott Road, this new parking arrangement was made possible. Last Friday, several parents of students attending the MAC School attended a meeting which was chaired by Major Felix Richards, the community police officer for the St Peters area.

While safety concerns for students were the most important reason for the new move which is yet to be tested, Richards pointed out that it was a plan that had to be put into effect as officials try to cope with the early morning flow of traffic and again after school in the mid afternoon.

According to Richards, parents would no longer be allowed to drop off or pick up children at the gate of the school, instead after parking in the new parking lot which will be managed, the students will be able to access the school premises through a passage way created at the end of the road behind the school and via the church yard next to the school.

The proposal however was met with a few negative reactions from some parents and bus drivers who are totally aware of the traffic situation from years of experience. Some parents were of the opinion that it was far too early to put the new proposal into action.

However, Richards pointed out that it had to start as soon as possible and that is the only way the officials will know if it is a good move or not. “We will have to fix it as we go along, but this has to be done,” Richards pointed out. Police Commissioner Carl John and Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson also addressed the gathering briefly and pointed out the importance of the move going into effect.


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System near MAC-school effective today - New parking designed to alleviate traffic woes by

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