Disgruntled owners desperately want to get out – Timeshare weeks for sale for less than $1,000

POSTED: 02/25/13 12:18 PM

St. Maarten – Disgruntled and disappointed timeshare owners are getting rid of their properties in St. Maarten at rock bottom prices, the electronic newsletter St. Maarten’s Weekly News reported this weekend. There is an upside, the newsletter states: this may be the best time ever to buy timeshare on the island. At the same time, it strongly advises against buying timeshare from resorts.

“Timeshare owners are telling us they are fleeing their timeshare ownership for lots of reasons,” Jeff Berger wrote in the article. “After having spent $15,000 – $30,000 for their timeshares, many are tired of Annual Maintenance fees that have gone through the roof without any apparent government concern; with huge Supplemental Maintenance Fees assessed for questionable reasons, again without apparent government concern; with traffic congestion (which some people say will be alleviated late this year when the new Simpson Bay Causeway opens); and the Simpson Bay / Pelican Resort saga.”

Berger notes that these are “huge motivators” for timeshare owners to get out: “That is what at least 36,000 have done in recent years.”

The report adds that many have left the island for good, while others still come back and simply rent a timeshare.

“Many timeshare owners have been so motivated to sell that they have sold their timeshares for $1,000 or less,” the report states. “An increasing number are selling for under $5,000.”

Berger warns about the pitfalls, but notes that there is plenty for sale at the moment. Owners sell their timeshares directly through Berger’s website www.everythingsxm.com.

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Disgruntled owners desperately want to get out - Timeshare weeks for sale for less than $1,000 by

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