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POSTED: 01/31/13 11:20 AM

St. Maarten – Several employees of Sol Antilles were recognized for their commitment and dedication to the company at an event at Rancho Restaurant in Simpson Bay on Saturday evening.  During the event Sol regional manager David Antrobus, Alfred Carty and Alfonso Webster received tokens of appreciation for 20 years service and Gabriel Le Blanc for 10 years of dedicated service.

Antrobus expressed his gratitude to his staff for their excellent performance during 2012, and noted that there is still need for some improvement. “The efforts by the employees and the contractors did not go unnoticed and the main thing that the company is on the upward trend.” He mentioned that this does not mean that “they should rest on their laurels” since there is much more that they can do especially where it pertains to safety and security.

With the efforts of the employees, Sol St. Maarten is now looked at in a completely different light from three years ago, said Antrobus.

Operations manager Robert Jan James noted that in 2011 the company brought in 97 fuel tankers – one tanker every four days at Sol. In 2012 they recorded 101 fuel tankers. A significant number of tankers were sent to St. Eustatius, Saba and Anguilla.

James commended the staff of his department for their support. “They are known for working during the week, on Sundays and even holidays just to get the work done.”  Special mention was made to the facility supervisor Solomon Evertsz, who has worked at the company for three years. He has seen a huge asset to the organization.

James indicated that the team under the supervision of Evertsz is responsible for the supply of fuel to GEBE, the airport, mega yachts, petrol stations and the marinas on a daily basis.

There were also notable improvements with regard to the mega yacht industry in 2012. James noted that the company had the opportunity to fuel the two largest mega yachts in the world that are owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. These yachts the Luna and the Eclipse had to be fueled by tanker. In February of last year the Luna was fueled with 498,600 liters of fuel and in December the Eclipse was fueled with 500,000 liters.

“This operation took about twenty hours – a notable event for Sol Antilles,” said James.  He mentioned that about two weeks ago they had another opportunity to again fuel the Eclipse with 675,000 liters of fuel. This operation took the staff all day and all night. He expressed his gratitude to the drivers and the staff who all assisted in ensuring that this was done.

Stock administrator Mark Fraser was also recognized for his outstanding performance where it pertains to the inventory. According to James, although this is a consolidated effort, he recognized Fraser for his tireless effort in reconciling their stock at the plant.


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