Deadline for St. Maarten road tax remains February 28

POSTED: 01/31/13 11:39 AM

St. Maarten – “Stipulated in the law is that the February 28 is the deadline for paying road tax. Please budget and keep this in mind. On one hand we are making the process of payment easier and on the other hand the enforcement will be stricter,” Finance Minister Roland Tuitt reminded road users on Wednesday.

Tuitt says that he favors the system where vehicles are charged based on carbon emissions however the Council of Ministers still has to make the decision, he said.

The minister, while updating the media, on the process of the amended road tax ordinance said that a more payment options should not mean an unregulated way of collecting payments.

His proposal for amending the legislation was responded to on Monday by the Advisory Council. The Council submitted its advice to the government and all Tuitt would offer is that “they made quite a few comments.”

He said that the Ministry’s legal team is looking at whether anything needs to be adapted before it heads to Parliament.

He hopes the process will be finalized within the next two weeks when the amended legislation is expected to reach Parliament.

Commenting on the criticisms that are being leveled at government for offering no relief packages in 2013 budget, Tuitt countered that the 12.5 guilders license plate fee that would no longer have to be paid to people who already own a license plate, is a form of relief.

“You have gotten relief through this process. This government of the people is looking for the people,” Tuitt said while humorously stating that the money, though deemed small by some, could be used to purchase sandwiches.

He added that many people are asking a lot of questions in relation to this process and thus sought to clarify that “the only thing we are changing in this legislation is the fact that we are trying to make the payment process for the community easier.”

The road tax payment is 275 guilders. Tuitt wants to change the classification of payments so that vehicles that pollute the environment pay more or motorists pay based on the weight or value of their vehicle.



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