Search continues for missing Jamaican woman: Brother Junior: “All I want to do is find my sister”

POSTED: 01/14/13 1:07 PM

Junior Lynch (r), the brother of Annemarie Lynch who has been missing since December 22 bows his head as he is joined by a member of the search party to console Latoya Lynch shortly after they had offered a word of prayer prior to the start of last Saturday’s search in the hills above St Peters. Photo Today / Milton Pieters.

St. Maarten – Approximately three weeks since the disappearance of 41-year-old Annmarie Lynch, efforts to find closure to the mystery intensified when relatives of the woman, co workers and volunteers participated in a search last Saturday.
This recent exercise turned out to be an emotional one for the search party which consisted of members from the Jamaican community who assembled on the parking lot at Le Grand Marché after they held hands while offering a word of prayer.

Hope of finding Lynch alive was fading fast and the harsh realization caused tears to flow from some, including the missing woman’s brother Junior and sister Latoya Lynch who flew in all the way from Maryland. The presence of the boyfriend on the parking lot was not well-received by most.
It appeared that he also wanted to be involved in the search, but he was approached by Lynch who calmly asked him not be involved with the group and he departed without uttering a word.

The general consensus among the party that started to search the hillside overlooking St Peters among other places was to find closure on the matter first with the discovery of Lynch’s remains and secondly with an arrest of the person or persons that are responsible for her disappearance and her ultimate demise.
“Right now, all I want to do is find my sister because I know that she is dead. Then I would like to see justice served,” her brother said. When asked why he did not want the boyfriend involved in the search for his sister, Lynch said, “It is for the safety of my sister and myself, but finding my sister’s body will bring a degree of satisfaction and closure on the matter,” he added.

Lynch is thankful for the cooperation by Jamaicans living on the islands in the effort to find his sister. “I have to depend on assistance from the people living here in the search because I don’t know the place,” he concluded.

For the time that Annemarie Lynch has lived on the island, she has made lots of friends, some at her place of employment (Pineapple Pete’s Restaurant) as well as others in the community. One such person is Kim Graham, a co worker.

“I feel just messed up inside, she is a mother and co worker and we don’t know what happened to her and where she is. She is a very jovial person who was very helpful and right now I still can’t believe that she is dead. I still have hopes of finding her alive,” Graham said.

Even though the authorities remain tightlipped on the ongoing investigation, Graham is of the opinion that the police are doing what they have to do under the circumstances. “They are working on the matter, but we would not know what they have discovered so far until the time is right,” she said.

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