Editorial: Shared history

POSTED: 01/14/13 1:00 PM

The question has been asked why there was so much fuss and publicity when Natalee Holloway disappeared in Aruba in 2005, followed by the disappearance of Leta Cordes in St. Maarten in 2008, and why there seems to be less interest in the disappearance of Annmarie Lynch.
The difference between these cases, the reasoning goes, is that Holloway and Cordes were white Americans, and that Lynch is a black Jamaican. Another American also disappeared in St. Maarten: his name was Robert Brous and he vanished in 2010.
The Brous-case generated only a few stories before most people, with the exception of his family and friends, forgot about it. The Cordes-story resulted in more articles, especially in this newspaper. But Cordes’ body was never found, a fate she shares with Holloway and Brous.
Now we’re looking with equal sadness at the Annmarie Lynch disappearance – a story that, as her family has already acknowledged, will not have a happy ending. There is a need for closure though, and that is understandable. Today will follow developments to the best of its abilities – if only to do justice to the victim and her family.

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