Reader’s Letter: Awesome

POSTED: 12/28/12 1:02 PM

Good day,

I usually do not write articles but today’s article “Christmas on the Hill ” prompt me to do so. I felt I must write and say something. Boy I envied you guys. How awesome. I enjoyed every bit of it while reading and was imagining I was there as well.

Just reading about the serenity you guys experienced, made me nostalgic. What an awesome way to spend the Christmas. The Journey Cakes and salt fish story had me dribbling (LOL). I know Joslyn is a good cook. So, I know it was tasty.

You guys really did not miss anything down below with all the traffic, road rage, grocery store ram packed, people bumping in each other, cursing at the long lines at the checkout counter, for just one day that went by quickly than any other day.

Really a nice article.


All the best for the New Year and much success with your daily.

M. Bryson

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