Arson probable cause of deadly explosion fireworks warehouse

POSTED: 12/18/12 12:27 PM

WILLEMSTAD —Three people were killed, 1 hospitalized, 1 transported for overseas medical treatment in critical condition and two others injured after a major explosion at the government-owned fireworks warehouse on Saturday afternoon. there is a suspicion of arson.

The third victim died of burn wounds Sunday morning. Four other people were injured in the explosion, police spokesman Reggie Huggins said on Sunday. Some of the casualties were public employees working at the warehouse.

Of the three injured that were released from the hospital; one was admitted back in the early hours of Sunday.

It is unclear what caused the explosion, which set off a blaze that destroyed the building. Fire investigators are examining the remains for clues; the public prosecutor’s office is in charge of the investigation conducted by several departments. Police found one charred body in the storage magazine.

The youngest victim, Runyeon Thurmon Reinita would have celebrated his 24th birthday yesterday. The other victims are Eldrich Rignald Christiaan Renfurm, (55) and Nicky Newton Emerenciana, (41). All victims are from Curacao. The storage magazine is located at Seru Loraweg near the Santa Rosa neighborhood.

Several nearby houses suffered damages from the explosion.
The warehouse is located in a residential area, against all rules; the fire department disapproved of the location. The island government agreed in 2008 to build a new warehouse in a non-residential area but due to lack of finances, the plan was never realized.

Residents at Seru Loraweg and surroundings were shocked by the explosion followed by a black cloud of smoke. Local authorities have closed down the area until further notice. There are major damages to buildings surrounding the warehouse.

The son of a firework expert who was working at the scene and was critically wounded told the local officers that someone set the place on fire.

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Arson probable cause of deadly explosion fireworks warehouse by

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