Van der Dijs could lose position as President

POSTED: 12/4/12 12:46 AM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – President Commissioner Oswald van der Dijs of the Council of Commissioners (SB) of Refineria di Kòrsou (RdK) (Curacao Refinery) may be removed from office. Yesterday, van der Dijs was summoned by the Interim Council of Ministers to explain the state of RdK.

During the conversation, Mr. Van der Dijs left the meeting hall, because according to him, he did not “like” the contents of the conversation.

After the meeting with the President of the Board, the Interim Government requested an emergency deliberation with Office of Supervision and Standards for Government Entities for the dismissal of Van der Dijs. Minister of Finance and also responsible for RdK  Dr. Jose Jardim said that the answers given by Oswald van der Dijs were not satisfactory and that the Interim Government has lost confidence in the President of the Board. The Minister also said that it cannot be excluded that other members of the Supervisory Board will also follow the same path as Van der Dijs.

Prime Minister Stanley Betrian reiterates during a radio interview that the Interim Government has lost all confidence in the President of the Board. RdK is not doing well financially and there are problems looming with PdVSA and the Government is not getting answers from the Board. Something must be done quickly before it’s too late, according to the Prime Minister.

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