Opinion: Extreme tourism

POSTED: 11/28/12 2:12 PM

British backpacker Graham Hughes has taken tourism to a new level by visiting all 193 UN-member countries plus eight other states like Vatican-City and the Palestinian territories in 1,426 days. Since 2009, Hughes was on average every seven days in a different country.

We attempted to find out whether the travel-crazy Briton also visited the Netherlands Antilles or even St. Maarten but the website dedicated to his epic journey – The Odyssey Expedition – crashed under the sudden surge of popularity after he completed his journey on Monday. Stay tuned.

Hughes traveled by bus, train and boat and he never took a plane. The trip cost him on average €12.35 ($16) per day putting the total cost since he started in 2009 at $22,816.

Hughes earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records with his epic journey.

Tragic: when the globe trotter had visited 184 countries, his sister died of cancer and he thought about going home. His sister urged him before she passed away to complete his mission – and he did.

Charming: during his travels Hughes collected money for the charity Water Aid. The amount has not yet been disclosed.

How he goes home: Hughes ended his journey on Monday in South-Sudan – a country that did not even exist when he started. He will travel by bus through Africa and take a boat to Dublin. Around Christmas he expects to arrive back home in Liverpool

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