Statia team faces Hotspurs FC

POSTED: 11/22/12 1:44 PM

GREAT BAY- Daniel Halman will spearhead the Hotspurs FC against Ibos, a visiting team from Statia who will be playing two matches here this weekend starting on Saturday at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex at 4.00 p.m.

The friendly tournament was organized by the St Maarten Soccer Association that is on the verge of re establishing competitive soccer at the RISC. However, before the visitors face the Hotspurs, there will be a game involving players in the Secondary schools competition which is now in its fourth week.

The other members of the Hotspurs FC team are Jean van Heyningen, Sandea Bryce, Edwardo Lake, Juan Carlos Rafaella, Manuel Bawery, Rick Smith, Robert Vlaun, Dylan Telemaque, Ean Pemberton, Colin Richardson, Jonathan Harry, Chris Wever and Robert Ryan.

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