Doram off to India

POSTED: 11/19/12 12:56 PM

St. Maarten – When 15-year-old Daniel Doram, left for Holland yesterday on his way to Dubai and finally India, it marked the beginning of a journey that is expected to transform him mentally, spiritually and physically.

Known as a person of few words and more action on the field, Doram had very little to say when he was asked to say something. “I am very excited and I can’t wait to see Holland again and travel to India,” he said.

The St Maarten Academy student has been selected to play cricket for the Dutch National Team and that is an accomplishment hardly ever experienced by a 15-year-old much less one from St Maarten. But in light of his epic journey, among the people that will miss him the most and happy to see him go are his proud parents who offered their blessings before he departed.

“We are going to miss him, but we talked about it and we just will have to cope with it,” said his father Jonah Doram. But to shed some light on what will take place after Doram leaves St Maarten was Ronald Elferink, the man that has played a pivotal role in making this trip possible, with funding’s by Nagico Insurances.

Doram is scheduled to arrive in Holland sometime today and will be kept active as much as possible prior his departure for Dubai on Thursday where he will spend two weeks. “While in Holland, he will be told again what he can expect and what is expected of him by Nolan Clark.” Elferink said.

According to Elferink, the transition from a country like St Maarten to Holland, Dubai and finally India will be a life changing experience for Doram, who he described as a very humble individual. “There is going to be a lot of pressure on him, in Dubai, it’s not going to be that rough, but in India he will be confronted with a lot and he needs to know what is going to happen.”

“I know this is a great opportunity for Daniel and I want to wish him lots of luck. Playing with the Dutch National team is a totally different set up in an international arena with top class facilities and professional coaches,” national Coach Rishi Singh said.

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