Correction: Duncan’s Hypnotic Hotel operates Seaman’s Club

POSTED: 11/15/12 12:57 PM

St. Maarten – Yesterday’s article about the sentencing of Justice Minister Roland Duncan’s Hypnotic Hotel and Entertainment contains a few inaccuracies.

Richbenzwan NV, the company that won the lawsuit against Hypnotic, holds the license for the Seaman’s Club, situated in Sucker Garden behind the El Capitan brothel. Hypnotic operates the Seaman’s club using the license of Richbenzwan.

D & B (Duncan and Brandon) Management and Collection Services N.V. and the Duncan Pension Fund Foundation – both companies of Justice Minister Roland Duncan – are the managing directors of Hypnotic.

The Seaman’s Club was established in 1965 by the late Allan Richardson. He rented the building that now houses El Capitan from Toochie Meyers. In 2009, Meyers terminated the lease contract through intervention by the rent committee. The reason for this action was that Meyers wanted to establish his own prostitution business on this location.

The Seaman’s Club then moved to the building behind its original location that is owned by French-side resident James Carti.

So far, this newspaper has not obtained a copy of Tuesday’s court ruling. The attorneys for both parties need the permission of their respective clients to release the court document.

Based on this information it has been established that Hypnotic Hotel lost the lawsuit not against the Seaman’s Club, but against Richbenzwan NV, the company that holds the license Hypnotic uses to operate the club. The court sentenced Hypnotic to pay a so far undisclosed amount to Richbenzwan in license fees.

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  1. me says:

    So the minister of justice runs a brothel?

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