Mother Nature mars end to Breast Cancer Awareness month

POSTED: 10/31/12 11:58 AM

St. Maarten – Due to strong winds, the fire department advised organizers against what was expected to be the climax of the month of cancer awareness on the Boardwalk on Sunday: the lighting of 150 lanterns to commemorate people who have fallen victim to breast cancer.
Not even the fatigue from the walk from Divico in Cole Bay to Mullet Bay could have prevented some from turning up for the grand finale, however plans are in the making to have the symbolic event take place at a date to be announced later.

But despite the last minute glitches, Shelly Alphonso, President of the Positive Foundation was appreciative of the support to breast cancer awareness over the past month and compared it to the 2011 event.

“This year, there many firsts for us in terms of activities and attendance, the tremendous support is growing each year and the support is overwhelming. This year the government has taken notice and we were even able to organize a conference on cancer,” Alphonso said.
However, she did admit that the event ended on a lighter tone and that was because the highlight of the afternoon should have been the lighting of the 150 lanterns that were donated by the Harbor Group of Companies in recognition of those that have passed away.

“That would have given us a nice effect against the skyline, but we will reschedule this because it’s an important rite of passage that we must do,” she added. With that said, the Positive Foundation is already looking forward to the month of activities in 2013.

“We already have things on the drawing board, but again we always keep those plans close to ourselves until the time is right,” she concluded.

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