Local Hip Hop Kings set for two concerts

POSTED: 10/31/12 11:54 AM

St. Maarten – Prior to their departure for Europe in November, St Maarten’s Hip Hop Kings that go by the name of 03 Oddyssey will be staging two concerts that will be catering for families and the party animals.

The first concert will be held on Friday at the Cultural Center in Sandy Ground and the second will take place at the Impulz Night Club the following day. Speaking during an exclusive interview, Big Money’ CEO of Dirty Rich Family outlined the reason for the two concerts at the various venues.

“We want the entire family to come out and enjoy that show in Sandy Ground and that means that children as well as adults can attend. There are a lot of followers behind 03 Oddyssey. The last show at Tantra was a success, but children could not go there and we promised them a show before we leave,” Big Money said.

For reasons of his own, Big Money has decided not to refer to the supporting performers for the back to back concerts as locals; instead, he calls them hicals. “ We just don’t use the word local anymore, when we use the word local we just thinking low and we are aiming high and shooting for the moon,” he pointed out.

Among the ‘hical’ artists that will appear on stage for the first concert are Special Delivery Dancers, Thirteen-PSM, L-Key, Dirtty Wear Models, DJ Hurricane, Davondre Jones, DJ Siwroo, Fatta and Shamrock.

And for the second concert, among those expected to appear on stage are Dee J Blaze, Special Delivary Dancers, Parris Richy Rich, Dirtty Wear Models, Stretch Rice, DJ Entrée, Young O.G, General Pye, Southboy and J Lyrics.

“When you come to the first show on Friday, it will be completely different to what will take place on Saturday,” Big Money said. The organizers have some specials offers for students: they pay $10 or pay $25 for two tickets for the first concert.

In the second show, 03 Oddyssey will take entertainment to another level. “That is going to be a show that people will not want to miss. Just like the other ‘hical’ artists, 03 is pushing in music and video. It’s a pity that the radio stations are not showing them enough love and they need the exposure.”

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