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POSTED: 10/30/12 12:15 PM

St. Maarten – On Saturday we wrote about a reference attorney Brenda Brooks made to something an anonymous cop had posted on a local gossip website. When we wanted to verify this, the comment the attorney referred to was nowhere to be found.
Attorney Brooks sent us a copy of the article that still contained the comment. It was posted on October 25 at 7.40 in the morning, so before prosecutors Den Hartigh and Van der Wulp responded to the defense pleas that were held earlier last week on Monday and

To be entirely accurate, the information was posted under the heading Anonymose officer, indicating a poor command of English that continued in the first sentence: “They does say we officer does leak info, well i’m about to do that now, could lose my job over this, cause not much officers knows this information.”
The post then goes on to state that a certain police officer placed the DNA of suspect Carlos R. in a jeep thereby linking him to the murder of Hector Miguel Arrindell. Because these allegations come from an anonymous source and because they are published on a gossip website, this newspaper prefers to protect the identity of the officer that is identified by his last name in the post.
The anonymose officer goes on to say that colleagues attempted to plant a chain and an earring that were taken from Carlos R. during his arrest at one of the crime scenes, adding rather mysteriously “but they didn’t persist because one of the earrings was missing.”
The post does not explain – and attorney Brooks did not elaborate on this issue either – why the anonymous police officer did not take his information to the prosecutor’s office so that his claim could be properly investigated.

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