Editorial: Higher taxes

POSTED: 10/18/12 12:22 PM

Finance Minister Roland Tuitt is not one to mince his words too often, but yesterday he treaded carefully when questions came his way about a possible increase in taxes. The surest way for the government to generate more income is obviously the turnover tax. Whether this will happen or not is not entirely clear yet, but the Minister kept all options open. The reality is that the draft 2013 budget is looking at a 30 million guilders deficit and that money has to come from somewhere.
That explains the minister’s frustration with the Receiver who is apparently chasing old debts (to no or little avail) instead of going for more recent outstanding that has a better chance of getting collected.
This shows that the inner workings of government leave a lot to be desired and because this is so the tax payers who pay the salaries for all these civil servants will probably be asked soon to pay even more.

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  1. watcher says:

    Raising tax to generate payroll for civil servants
    Try cutting the civil service down a notch or two
    Try new avenues of generating money for government, like perhaps having people in philipsurg pay for parking
    Try restructuring the vehicle registration and inspection system and having older vehicles do 6 monthly warrants of fitness inspections (generates revenue and keeps unsafe rides off the roads)
    Try cutting back on some of those age-old tax breaks and closing some of the abused loopholes people use to AVOID tax all together.
    STOP expecting the average shmo to always pick up the slack or the place will end up like GREECE

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