Corallo does not confirm payments – “These private records may have been faked or invented”

POSTED: 10/17/12 5:29 PM

St. Maarten – Atlantis World Group and BPlus owner Francesco Corallo said in a reaction to request this newspaper that he cannot confirm the payments that appear from the bank statements on the Curaleaks website. In an addendum to his statement, Corallo said: “PS: I would only like to add that I cannot confirm these payments and that the hackers who claim to have obtained these private records may just as well have faked these or invented them, like the majority of the news that is published in your newspaper.”

Corallo, who is still on the Interpol wanted list at the instigation of Italian authorities, reflected in his statement on his constitutional rights and underlined again that he has the Dutch nationality. “As a Dutch citizen living in the Netherlands Antilles since the age of 17 it is my right and my duty to participate in, support, vote and express my ideas in the local democratic elections. My appreciation and closeness to the ideas of social justice and progressive thinking are well known to the people that know me. And as long as it is not a crime I will embrace the parties and politicians that subscribe to these sentiments and ideals.”

Corallo furthermore accuses “ultra-conservative forces” of conducting “the worst kind of smear campaign. “At this point it is obvious to everyone that ultra conservative forces that have run the Netherlands Antilles for almost 20 years causing the impoverishment and the emigration of a substantial part of the nation’s population and the enrichment of very few, of which I consider you and the newspaper owner to be their spokesmen, are fully engaged in the worst kind of smear campaign full of lies and hate in order to influence the local democratic elections.”

Corallo also accuses this newspaper of “lies and violence” it has used against him: “If in your world and in the one you represent the fact of having my own political ideas is a crime and therefore something I cannot represent then I will declare myself politically persecuted. I appreciate that it is your job to produce news and try to make a living outside your mother land but the methods, the rage, the lies and the customary violence you have consistently used against my person give me no other choice than to see you in court in order to clear my name.”

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