BPlus paid $215,000 before 2010 elections – Curaleaks documents show link Schotte and Corallo

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The top of this image shows the wire transfer from BPlus; the bottom of the image shows the cash withdrawal for the Citibank account of Cicely van der Dijs. Source: curaleaks.com


St. Maarten / Curacao – By Hilbert Haar – The whistleblower web site Curaleaks published documents yesterday showing payments by Francesco Corallo’s BPlus Giocolegale into the account of Cecily van der Dijs, the girlfriend of MFK-leader Gerrit Schotte. On May 14, 2010 the company paid $140,000 and exactly a month later it wired another $73,422 – a total of close to $215,000. The documents also show a payment from this account to No Brand Ltd., a company that belongs to Schotte.

Curaleaks published bank statements from Van der Dijs’ Citibank account. This newspaper attempted to get a comment on the payments from Corallo via the Chief Financial Officer of the Atlantis World Group in Cupecoy, Rudolf Baetsen, but so far we have not received a reaction.

In an accompanying text, Curaleaks writes that the day after Van der Dijs received the $73,422 payment, this money was transferred into Schotte’s account in Curacao, but the site does not offer proof for this transfer, but notes that Schotte reported receiving exactly this amount to the Reporting Center for Unusual Financial Transactions MOT.

According to the Curacao Chronicle Schotte and Van der Dijs flew to Miami where on June 11, 2010, they withdrew $120,000 from the girl’s Citibank account. The statement is supported by the bank statements Curaleaks published.

The Amigoe reported yesterday that the information published on Curaleaks tallies with earlier leaked MOT-data that are in the newspaper’s possession. Those documents show that Van der Dijs wrote two checks from her Citibank account for Fundashion Gerrit Schotte: one for $53,422 and one for $20,000 – together exactly the amount BPlus wired into her account a day earlier.


Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte and his girlfriend Cicely van der Dijs.

The Curaleaks-documents put a statement Schotte made in an interview with NRC Handelsblad last week in an awkward light. When the newspaper asked whether Corallo finances the MFK, Schotte first said that Corallo finances several parties, and then stated: “In the two years that my party exists he has not bought tickets for the fundraising that we are doing.”

The Schotte-cabinet that took office after the elections on September 4, 2010 was immediately soft on the casinos. A couple of months earlier the parliament passed the amended island ordinance for the casino industry, but Ivar Asjes, supported by Commissioner Rudy Garmes made clear that the government would have to condone “that the casinos do not pay conform the law.”

Curacao wanted to raise 10 million guilders by charging a 5 percent cash-out fee to players. Earlier the government had nixed the idea of introducing an entry fee for casinos. But Asjes and Garmes wanted to let the casinos pay their dues based on the old system: a 100,000 guilders standard fee plus 3.5 percent of the “gross drop.”

Asjes is a member of Helmin Wiels’ Pueblo Soberano; Garmes belongs to Schotte’s MFK.

To further add to the Curacao-conspiracy, blogger Jos van Vliet exposed the network Schotte is a part of a couple of days ago.

Schotte is said to be paying with checks from the petrol station chain Vanddis, a company that belongs to the Van der Dijs family. “Cicely van der Dijs is the life partner of Gerrit Schotte (married to Nathalie Schotte –Salas) who is a commissioner at amongst others Korpodeko, Curacao Port authorities and Selikor; she is the step-sister of Soraya Rietkerk, who is the step-daughter of Papito van der Dijs, the Chairman of the board of Vanddis and a good friend of Robbie dos Santos – the main financer of MFK, half-brother of Finance Minister George Jamaloodin and a suspect in the Bientu-case about money laundering an illegal lottery.

Another important woman in Gerrit Schotte’s political life is Stella van Rijn, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of General Affairs. Stella used to be the correspondent in Curacao for the Volkskrant and she is married to Edward Heerenveen, at the time the press officer for Prime Minister Maria Liberia-Peters and now the brain behind Insel Air. Whispers about Insel Air are that it is sustaining heavy losses, but that it gets European subsidies via Korpodeko (Cicely van der Dijs), thus causing the bankruptcy of Dutch Antilles Express.”

Van Vliet’s concluding remark” “I am very curious to see whether the little group of Schotte (actually of Van der Dijs) will win the October 19 elections against the current interim-cabinet of Betrian.”

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