Opinion: Does fear rule Curacao?

POSTED: 10/9/12 1:02 PM

Versgeperst.com gauged the sentiment in Willemstad following all the political brouhaha in the country that now has an interim-cabinet, nine MPs that pretend they still are the parliament but are unable to hold meetings because they never have a quorum, burned down ice trucks, an ousted prime minister that keeps talking about espionage, eaves dropping practices and a coup. Does fear rule the streets of Willemstad now?
The first citizen the site interviewed was 79-year-old Nilda –and she does not want to have anything to do with politics. “I get tired of it. Every day there are arguments they are getting nowhere. But all that arguing has to stop, everybody is afraid of what might happen. From politicians you can expect anything. We have to create unity but politicians don’t want that.”
Noel topped Nilda in age by more than a decade, but there seemed to be nothing wrong with the 90-year-old‘s ability to assess the situation. “They are all crazy. I ask 50 guilders extra for my pension and I don’t get it. Somebody else gets two million just like that. It is all nepotism, they only do things that benefit them. I am not going to vote, I want nothing to do with it.”
Wilbert (52): “The only thing I realize is that the economy is going down and that there is more criminality. Mister Schotte has ruined it nicely for everybody, only beautiful words and nothing gets done. All promises for the poor, but nothing came of it. I am curious to see what we will get after October 19.”
Then the reporter for the web site encountered a 66-year-old citizen who seemed to have the articles of a whole bunch of international treaties stored in his head. He rumbled on about the will of the people, called the governor the representative of colonialism and maintained that the Group of Twelve came about through bribery. In other words, this man supports Schotte’s notion that Curacao has been had with a coup d’état. Freedom, autonomy and independence is what this citizen wants for his country.
So what else is new? Versgeperst did not bother to talk to more people, and while it is tough to call its report representative for the people’s true sentiment, we do not get the impression that fear rules.

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