Rozier takes bribery-accusers to court

POSTED: 10/3/12 1:07 PM

Curacao — During a live interview on TV, independent parliamentarian Dean Rozier announced summary proceedings against MFK-members Pik Pisas, Monique Felida and Rudney Garmers, who accused him of bribery.
As proof he presented an email between him and Garmers in which Garmers outlines several issues to be discussed on the day they were allegedly bribed. Some of the discussions points were replacing Finance Minister Jamaloodin with an expert, appointing experts to help ministers Constancia and Hakim and to settle disputes with the Central Bank, other islands and the Kingdom. “These were the topics discussed on the day referred to in the press conference. We never talked about bribery.”
As Rozier put it: This is just the beginning”. He repeated what he said in his first reaction: “Schotte could not allow the fall of his cabinet because he would go to prison, an allegation made several times by PS leader Helmin Wiels. Rozier first step will be summary proceedings. He did not reveal further steps.
Girobank also denied all accusations of Monique Felida who told the press she was offered a fixed salary and an amount of half million if she would help to break the coalition. Director Eric Garcia said the allegation is so absurd he will not spend any comments on it.

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