Editorial: Shameful

POSTED: 10/1/12 12:45 PM

The first word that comes to mind considering the behavior of outgoing Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte is this one: shameful.

That Schotte initially refused to leave his office (literally) after the appointment of Stanley Betrian as interim prime minister shows how much the ousted government leader is about power and how little he is about the basic principles of democracy. That he finally left does not diminish the shame.

Politicians who refuse to play by the rules – and Schotte falls in that category – have no place in a constitutional democracy. No wonder that Betrian’s first assignment is to get legislation in order to nail down the screening process for ministers in a future government.

The sentiment in Curacao seems to be that such legislation will effectively end Schotte’s political career, and the only ones who will waste a tear on that even are Schotte and those who depend on him for their political future.

The elections are still eighteen days away and many people wish that those days will fly by, and that Curacao will return to a state of relative normalcy.

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