Opinion: Clues

POSTED: 09/18/12 12:41 PM

What is the best way to get to know somebody? No, we’re not referring to the best strategy to pick up a girl in a bar. We’re referring to ways to find out what somebody is really made off – be it a spouse, a friend, an employee or anybody else that enters one’s circle of social contacts.
The ultimate shortcut to access this knowledge is to visit someone’s house. You will notice whether it is tidy or messy, clean or dirty, well kept or neglected, whether there are books around or gossip magazines, art on the wall or cheap posters, and so on. What does the kitchen look like?
In a split second a keen observer will know: this is how so and so is leading his or her life. Best advice: if you don’t like what you see, get the hell out of there.
Ever notice how some people always seem to lose their cell phone, how they manage to break them on an almost regular basis, how they are always out of credit and, when you need them most, their phone battery is dead?
These are not the people you want in your life – unless of course you are one of a kind.
But remember, marriage is the biggest cause of divorce, so you may as well do your due diligence before getting on the road to nowhere.
For those who want to see there are plenty of clues about what people are made off, so use them to your advantage and forget about the love-makes-blind excuse.

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