Dutch MPs: “Weak knees and no spine” Nothing stops parliament Curacao from meeting

POSTED: 08/28/12 11:46 AM

THE HAGUE – Parliamentarians in The Hague are appalled by the situation parliament President Ivar Asjes created in Curacao by closing a meeting on Friday before any MP had the opportunity to say something. According to Bas Jan van Bochove (CDA) and André Bosman (VVD) the MPs ought to take the initiative and convene a meeting without Asjes.

The opposition in Curacao wanted to table a motion of no-confidence against the outgoing Schotte-cabinet and it also wanted to vote for a new president of parliament. Asjes prevented that by closing the meeting prematurely.

Van Bochove wants to know from outgoing Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Minister Liesbeth Spies which rule or legislation is the basis for Asjes’ decision. Van Bochove feels that the democracy has been violated.

“When this happened previously in an Eastern European country we all said that it was a disgrace. So I am very curious about the government’s opinion.” Van Bochove acknowledges in a letter to Spies that this is an internal affair for Curacao but he wonders if it has consequences for the relationship with the Netherlands. “Are you prepared, like with similar situations in countries outside of the Kingdom to take measures with regard to Curacao?”

Van Bochove and Bosman are of the opinion that nothing stops members of parliament to convene a meeting. “In the Netherlands even a minority in the parliament is able to call a meeting,” van Bochove said.

Bosman considers the situation a negative development. “The worst is that the parliament let the president get away with it. Where is the fist of the parliament? Weak knees and no spine,” he said.

Bosman agrees with Van Bochove that nothing stops the parliament from meeting. “The parliament remains the highest body and in spite of all the rules and legislation, a majority of the parliament always determines what is going to happen.”

Bosman wishes that the incident functions as a clear signal to the population for the elections.

Hero Brinkman, the former Freedom Party MP who seems to have ended up in the political wilderness with his Democratic Political Turning Point party had this to say on Twitter; “It must not become even crazier with those corrupt politicians in Curacao.”

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