Opinion: Stinginess in motion

POSTED: 08/16/12 12:40 PM

One of the mysteries of modern life is why people load little trucks like the one depicted here the way they do.

The picture was sent to us by someone who is apparently concerned that this way of stacking rebar on a truck could be dangerous.

Let us put the photographer at ease: this is dangerous. And there is such a simple way to load this material in a way that will not put other road users at risk: simply stick the end of the rebar inside the truck bed.

We know, we know: that’s too much trouble, and the drivers of these little trucks will probably argue that in that case they have a lot of rebar hanging in front of their windshield.

What about leaving the transport of this material to truck drivers that are adequately equipped for it? (like the guys that have bigger trucks or flatbeds?). Oh. That’s too expensive?

What about the potential damage this way of transporting rather heavy stuff could do to fellow citizens?

Oh. We understand. That’s not important.

Looking at this situation from another angle, we note that the things people do are often inspired by either greed or stinginess. In this case, it’s of course stinginess. It’s a narrow-minded way of living one’s life, without much consideration for the lives of others.

Don’t count on it that publishing this picture will change anything. Our best advice: keep your distance and if you ever need rebar, hire a professional who owns a proper truck.

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