Draft 2013 budget nears completion – Some ministries are already over budget

POSTED: 08/16/12 12:43 PM

St. Maarten – Preparations for the draft  2013 budget are moving ahead but according to Finance Minister Roland Tuitt some ministries in presenting their projected expenditures have already exceeded the limit. In order to meet the September 1 deadline, Tuitt said that he plans to meet with all of the ministries before the week is out to assist them in reviewing their projections before they submit a final report to be included in the draft budget.

“We have some problems with them because they are over the budget that we have stipulated.”

The Ministry of Justice was identified as one of the Ministries with issues now. Justice Minister Roland Duncan has already indicated that he plans to find alternative sources of revenue for the effective functioning of his Ministry, such as implementing temporary and permanent residence permit fees.

However, with the absence of subsidies from the Netherlands, Country Sint Maarten now has to take care of its own business, Tuitt stated.

“They (Ministry of Justice) have gotten certain monies from Holland and that has decreased their budget but now those monies are no longer available so the government of St.Maarten will have to carry all of those costs. That is why you will see that in some ministries the expenditures are higher in 2012 but in reality they are not higher, it is just that they were subsidized by other funds.”

Cft Report

Wednesday August 15 also marked the deadline for St.Maarten to present its bi-annual report to the Cft. The draft was already available, Tuitt, said however it still had not been handled in the Council of Ministers (CoM) up to yesterday. He anticipated that he may be brought up in today’s CoM meeting.

He said that the possibility existed that the draft could have been sent to the Cft on Wednesday “but if we are late, then we will be one day over the deadline and I don’t think that is a crime,” Tuitt remarked.

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