Letter: Respect for Mr. Corallo

POSTED: 08/15/12 11:53 AM

Dear editor,

I know Mr. Corallo as a young kid under the grape tree and at the casino at Sea view. He was the Michael Jackson of St. Maarten; a handsome lad, very friendly and all the girls loved him. I also got the opportunity to know him better when I started working for him at the Atlantis Casino. I loved him dearly; he has a heart of gold and he treated his employees as human beings. He is indeed a dignified human being and he would live up to the court’s decision.

The idea of taking away his passport and incarcerating him is just downright wickedness. We have people who are walking free on this island who should be sentenced for life time in prison. In the name of Jesus, how could you treat a man like this that gave his all to this island, who lifted the heavy burdens of government. He gave all his youth to St. Maarten just to see the island prosper. He never had the opportunity to age gracefully. He took St. Maarten’s weighty pressure of life on his young shoulders. He is a St. Maartener in heart and soul. This is my vociferous opinion.

I was very hurt when I saw Mr. Corallo in the newspaper labeled as a criminal. I am not saying that Mr. Corallo is innocent of wrongdoing but there are many more things in the mortar than the pestle. For instance Mr. Corallo helped St. Maarten with his heart and soul. Mr. Corallo kept the casino doors open for payrolls, campaign funds so that St. Maarten people could eat their daily bread. He did not misuse St. Maarten people. He loved them and was very concerned about the future of our young people.

The flirting arms of justice are incredible on this island. What about the scandal and rip off with the permanent work permits when the real culprits pull out and put all the blame on Evelyn. What about the Pelican saga which was assisted by our own politicians. Mr. Corallo has never done anything wrong to hurt this nation. He is what love is.

He even speaks like a St. Maartener. To the flirting arms of justice I am saying think twice. Is it really Mr. Corallo who should be locked up or you? To the workers and all who worked for Mr. Corallo I am suggesting that we take a silent walk from the Atlantis Casino to the justice department for Mr. Corallo. I, Barbara Nesbitt don’t mind sitting in jail to guarantee that Mr. Corallo does not leave this island. I know he is too dignified to do something like that. To God I will always give all honor and glory.

Barbara Nesbitt,

Aka Calypso Barbara.


Editor’s note:

This newspaper did not label Mr. Corallo as a criminal. He is a suspect in an investigation by Italian authorities and as such he is now on the wanted-list of Interpol.

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