Anguilla celebrates August Monday

POSTED: 08/8/12 12:05 PM

ANGUILLA – August Monday – the first Monday of August – is the center piece in the Anguilla Summer Festival line-up, and this year was no different. Hundreds made the crossing from St. Maarten to take part in the celebrations at the height of the island’s carnival.

The first August Monday celebration was in 1940, and began as a boat race. It has evolved over the years, and has become one of the biggest beach parties in the region.

August Monday began with Jouvert Morning Street Jam at five o’clock in the morning. Roughly 6,000 people join the Jouvert Morning tradition each year. The road March moves from The Valley towards its destination, Sandy Ground.

The event is centered around local bands that are competing for the title of “Road March Champion.”

Each band has its own float, usually a large, decorated truck, with a booming sound system. The singers are sometimes on top, hanging off the side, or dancing around the float.

This year participating bands were among others British dependency, true Intentions, Devondre and Red Eye Crew from St. Maarten and the Revolution Band from Atlanta.

The bands, aboard their floats, lead the way down to Sandy Ground. Revelers followed the trucks into Sandy Ground, to do the march.

The march ended as usual at the beach in Sandy Ground around ten o’clock in the morning. From then on it was party time until the lights went out.

For more pictures of August Monday Anguilla – Click here for our photo album

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