Counterfeit-suspects beat up policeman

POSTED: 08/3/12 12:41 PM

St. Maarten – Two men who were stopped as suspects in a counterfeit money scam on Wednesday evening severely beat up a policeman. The officer sustained numerous cuts and bruises to his face, arms and knees, a black eye, and a cut to his nose.  He complained about severe pain in his jaw and right hand. He was taken to the hospital for medical attention and is currently on sick-leave. His assailants were arrested.

The incident started at around 11.30 in the evening when a patrol stopped a car for a routine control on the Sucker Garden Road near the Gas King.

The officers controlled the car in connection with an investigation into the use of a considerable amount of counterfeit US dollars in a brothel in the area. The officers had received information that a suspect in this investigation was in the car; he was in the company of three others.

Two of the passengers refused to cooperate with the policemen and they started what the police called “a fierce discussion.”

It did not stop there, because one of the men attacked one of the police officers; he punched him numerous times in the face and pushed him on the ground, where they kept beating him.

The second officer defended his colleague and at the same time kept an eye on the other men in the car. He called the central police dispatch for reinforcement.

When the assailants did not let up, the officer drew his firearm and ordered them to stop. The assailants, identified as L.M.L. and M.D. then gave up the fight and the officers took control of the situation. The two men were arrested and taken to the police station where they were handed over to the detective department. The men remain in custody while the investigation continues.


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