Government-crisis in Curacao: Rozier was fed up with Wiels

POSTED: 08/2/12 6:40 PM

WILLEMSTAD – MFK faction leader Dean Rozier is as fed up with Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels as MAN-MP Eugene Cleopa. This appears from the letter Rozier wrote to the chairman of the MFK-party, Amerigo Thode. Rozier and Cleopa withdrew their support from the coalition that supports the Schotte-cabinet, causing the fall of the government. The official announcement is just a matter of time.

Rozier did not mention Wiels by name in his letter, but his wording left no doubt about his target: “I want to point to the disturbed relationship within the Kingdom with the Netherlands and with the other countries in the Kingdom. The lack of trust is mainly the result of the fact that the current coalition is not slid and that there is also a lack of cohesion. The constant polarization by one of the coalition parties, the tone of voice during the debates in the parliament and the way other parties in the coalition and people in our community are addresses are very frustrating for a fruitful cooperation to tackle the true problems of our country and to solve them shortly.”

Rozier writes in his letter that the country won’t benefit from a decision “that possibly results in a lengthy paralysis of the decision making process about urgent problems. We have to act as soon as possible an find acceptable solutions.”

Rozier proposes to form a cabinet of experts that are knowledgeable in their fields for each ministry for a period of twelve to eighteen months. “These experts will get the mandate and the parliamentary support to implement necessary reforms without the current polarization. This will also give our party the possibility to reflect on reforms and to prepare for new elections.”

Rozier writes that he has given his support to the governing program of the current cabinet from the moment it took office, “where necessary and possible.”

“I am sorry to say that the current government supported by the existing coalition no longer has the trust of the community to tackle the problems of our country adequately.”

Earlier in his letter Rozier mentions the precarious financial situation, problems in healthcare, education, the judicial chain, social problems, the failing battle against crime, and problems at government owned companies  as examples of situations that are screaming for a solution.

Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte said yesterday that Rozier’s letter would be discussed at an MFK party council meeting but gave no date. Observers in Curacao expect that Rozier will stick to his guns and that he will continue, like Cleopa, as an independent Member of Parliament. It is possible that other MPs will also go independent.

The development leaves Schotte no other choice than to submit his cabinet’s resignation to Governor Frits Goedgedrag, but it is unclear when this will happen.

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