Editorial: Schotte falls

POSTED: 08/1/12 1:28 PM

The fall of the Schotte-government should not surprise anyone. Riddled by scandals and controversies, it seemed only a matter of time before the wheels would come off.
Not for the first time, observers have noted that there seemed to be something wrong with everyone in Curacao – except the government. MPs that supported the coalition also had to endure persistent insults from Pueblo Soberano leader Helmin Wiels – and that seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Eugene Cleopa did not take it any longer and yesterday Schotte’s MFK-faction leader Dean Rozier also threw in the towel.
While many may let out a sigh of relief it remains to be seen which coalition will replace the ousted one. The rumors about a new team are there, but for now there is mainly uncertainty. It is however a comforting thought that Curacao is now heading for better times, because the situation cannot possibly become worse than it already is.

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