Telcell clears billing backlog

POSTED: 07/17/12 11:17 AM

St. Maarten – TelEm Group is once again up to date with its TelCell bills and customers can expect to receive their TelCell bills for the month of June in the coming days. Mobile, landline and international customers have not been receiving their TelCell and TelEm bills regularly since the start of this year due to the implementation of a new billing system.

“Mobile voice and data users can expect to receive their TelCell bills consistently at the same time each month now that the mobile customer database is properly in place and the accuracy of the bills have been fully tested and approved,” Chief Financial Officer Helma Etnel said.

The company is expecting similar success with TelEm bills, once the backlog on landline bills is also brought up to date. Bills for May and June are delayed and the management expects to have them ready within the next three weeks, or as soon as fine-tuning of the company’s new billing system is completed.

The delays in providing up-to-date bills for mobile, landline and international customers  has been caused by TelEm Group’s adoption of a new billing system, which, once fully operational, will offer a host of new features to customers, including joint billing and  the opportunity for customers to pay their bills online. Once the new billing system is fully in place, customers will also be able check their accounts online and print their own bills. At a later time, customers will also be able to order products and services and make enquiries to the company directly.

“The new billing system will greatly improve on the service(s) provide to our mobile and voice customers, and provide more feedback of customer needs and wants. Moving from the use of one billing system to another billing system in the telecommunications industry is an extremely complicated and demanding process that must be done very carefully,” Etnel said before requesting that customers be patient just a little while longer.

Customers have already been advised to make advance payments on their monthly bills so that they are not caught out with the payment for two or three bills at once. The company is also apologizing to customers for any inconvenience caused and once again thanks everyone for their understanding and patience during the transition to the company’s “state of the art” billing system.

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