“Do not ** with parliamentarians” MP Illidge argues at Cadastre over documents for first cousin

POSTED: 07/17/12 11:23 AM

St. Maarten / By Hilbert Haar – A visit by two parliamentarians to the office of the Cadastre turned ugly earlier this month when Independent MP Patrick Illidge told Cadastre director Clemens Roos “not to fuck with parliamentarians” during a heated debate about a letter of admeasurement for a project of his first cousin Roberto Richardson in Hope Estate that should not have been drafted in the first place. The incident took place on Tuesday July 3, when Richardson and Illidge showed up at the Cadastre office asking for a meeting with Roos. In this meeting, Richardson complained that the Cadastre was withholding a letter of admeasurement.

Patrick Illidge

Richardson then introduced Illidge as “a member of parliament.” According to information this newspaper obtained about the meeting Illidge showed an unfriendly attitude towards Roos who retaliated by saying that it is unnecessary to come to the Cadastre with a member of parliament for a letter of admeasurement. Roos said that Richardson would be able to pick up the document as soon as the procedure it has to go through was completed.

Illidge then threatened Roos with the infamous statement “not to fuck with parliamentarians.” The MP also pointed out to Roos that he is not a St. Maartener and that Richardson was his first cousin. In an expletive laden tirade Illidge told the Cadastre director that his cousin would get his paper whether procedures were completed or not and that Roos was “messing around with the business of St. Maarteners.”

Then a second parliamentarian appeared on the scene: Democratic Party MP Roy Marlin. He first calmed down Illidge, and then he too allegedly told Roos that he is not a St. Maartener and that he should not let down local people.

After Roos explained the procedure the document still had to go through, Richardson became aggressive, claiming that the director deliberately withheld the letter of admeasurement. He allegedly screamed that Roos ought to be held accountable in the parliament and that it was because of him that he was getting excited while he had just recently suffered a stroke.

Illidge and Marlin reportedly told Richardson to leave the meeting. The document Richardson is after is meant for a project called High Tech Development in Hope Estate. Illidge reportedly said in the meeting that he had initiated the project “years ago while he was a minister.” Illidge was Minister of Telecommunication in the last government of the Netherlands Antilles.

Illidge reportedly said that this project was “meant for St. Maarteners and that he would not allow that a non-local would frustrate its progress.”

Both Illidge and Marlin pressed the Cadastre director for action and to make the letter of admeasurement available as soon as possible. The procedures did not seem to matter to Illidge.

Attempts to invite both MPs to the Cadastre for more information about the procedures fell on deaf ears. Marlin apparently snapped that the director did not have to tell him anything about the Cadastre, because he knew everything about it.

The meeting reportedly deteriorated into intimidating behavior and improper remarks made by MP Illidge.

Upon further investigation it appeared that the contested letter of admeasurement had been drawn up without authorization. The surveyor has not been able to explain why he made the draft document.

The matter is now under investigation by the Cadastre’s Supervisory Board. Yesterday afternoon it was still unclear which course of action the board has in mind. The chairlady of the board, Sandy Mourillon-Sandiford, could not be reached for a comment on the incident.

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