Editorial: Truly involving the youth

POSTED: 07/16/12 11:52 AM

There is no doubt that President of the Collectivité Alain Richardson is an ideological man. That fact is obvious from the way he mixes convoluted terms into every speech he makes to prove that he has vision and that he wants to take his people somewhere.
But he and other politicians should understand that now is not the time for ideological statements about what government wants to or should do for its people – in this particular case young people. Now is the time to announce concrete actions that will allow young people to gain more education, to find a job, or to open a business. Those latter three points and everything connected to them are what concern today’s youth, not pretty words in a speech.
It would also be wise to realize that speeches like the one Richardson made on Bastille sound like a record on repeat and is likely the merest of shrugs. Whether is deserves that treatment is a matter best left to our readers to debate. One thing we’re sure in is that leaders must move past saying the youth are the future and begin taking actions that will allow the youth to help create and fully take advantage of what is to come.

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